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Designed for the ambitious brands

Applying a pragmatic approach to brand positioning and planning, our process and methodologies
are designed to ensure that brands don’t just matter, but remain relevant.


No great mind existed without a touch of madness.

Branding is not about simply executing a successful identity or a launch event. It is about humanizing your Brand. It is a promise kept alive through every interaction and every touch point.

Going beyond just a creative way to inform “what” your brand can do, at S&A, our approach lies in applying holistic perspectives that yield actionable mapping of the behaviour, environments, requirements and relationship between the consumer and your brand.

We believe in the power of disruptive ideas and breaking through the glass ceiling. What we do best? Help you carve your own brand path. It can be daunting and that is why at S&A, we walk every step of the way, ensuring that you deliver your promise and together, we watch your brand take wings.

Innovative Thinking

By embedding innovative thinking and approach to your communication, we help envision and implement the future.

Strategy Practitioners

Bridging business strategy and audience experience, we believe communication must go beyond insights to engage at every interaction.

Visual Identity

Merging creativity and pragmatism in your brand’s visual identity, we make every detail count when you are telling your brand story.

Value Proposition

Delivering business value while creating brand value, our solutions are focused on innovation, optimization and calculated implementation.



A rising sales graph is the most beautiful curve

At S&A, we believe in perspectives and processes that position your brand in a manner that ensures your brand story
resonates with the audience and helps you achieve sustained success.


Background Review and Analysis

Our background review and analysis are driven by how people behave, act, react, think and feel. By understanding your brand’s ecosystem, we develop communication strategies that help you make informed business decisions.


Strategy Development

Foundational and insight driven, S&A communication strategies are designed to tell your brand story while meeting commercial goals and keeping the audience engaged. And this is where our experience with leading international brands and campaigns comes handy.


Design & Implementation

At S&A, we apply a strategic thinking approach to design that translates into meaningful design solutions. It is about connecting the dots. It is about being bold, forward thinking, aesthetic and pragmatic, all in one breathe.


Review and React

Reviewing performances and reacting effectively to results, especially in the world of digital media helps understand audience engagement pattern. At S&A, we follow a detailed process designed to analyse campaign performance and address any red flags at an early stage!

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